Communication Compliance in a Post-Covid World

Amid the shift to remote working during the pandemic, challenges in communication became more prominent. There were discussions about policies in call monitoring as businesses started using video conferencing tools to host internal meetings and utilize new communication methods like mobile instant messaging applications. These new communication channels like WhatsApp, WeChat, Signal, and Telegram became the preferred choice for communicating with customers and traders.

Evolution in compliance modelling driven by data and AI

There has been a shift in compliance teams that leans toward a platform-based approach that helps in addressing global regulatory requirements. As the evolution from a rapid response and react model to an always-on continuous compliance model continues, comprehensive data strategies have become significant.

The new vital role of data capture focuses on ascertaining the client’s risk while communicating with an employee. It also emphasizes understanding the employee as the data can help identify the employee’s health and mental state and determine their ability to handle a client.

Aside from this, there are also conversations revolving around regional and demographic preferences. Western countries prefer voice conversations compared to chats, and on the other hand, Asian market customers have an affinity towards chats rather than voice calls. There is a need to understand the communication requirements of the clients to determine how the communication channels can be used and considered for compliance.

Covid-19 and the trends in communication compliance

There have been revisions in the practices and policies that existed until the pandemic. As employees started working remotely, there has been a need for a transparent communication channel between the client and the employees. This communication perspective goes beyond geographic and cultural consideration as there are worries about ensuring security and clarity of communication.

As businesses consider the diversity of communication channels, the right choice is to include mobile instant messaging amid the rise of various trends in communication compliance. The geographic and cultural preferences of the clients have become considerations when selecting communication tools with several functions like Telegram recording that complies with guidelines and policies for business-related messages and conversations.

For more details about communication compliance, here is an infographic provided by Telegram.