What Do ‘Own Occupation’ And ‘Any Occupation’ Cover Mean When It Comes To TPD Insurance?

Living with a disability is challenging, and it is even more difficult when you cannot earn money for yourself. We need to take care of many expenses as an adult, such as utility bills, debt and mortgages, or rent. So, when you are injured to the point of disability, medical and rehabilitation costs, add to your list of expenses.

In this situation, total and permanent disability insurance is crucial; it not only allows you to stay on top of your expenses but also offers you peace of mind. Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance pays you a lump sum if you become permanently disabled due to illness or an accident and cannot return to work.

Getting a TPD insurance quote is easy, but what is challenging is knowing what policy type suits you the best. You can insure yourself with a total and permanent disability insurance policy in two ways – ‘own occupation’ and ‘any ‘occupation’.

‘Own Occupation’ – This enables you to claim your total and permanent disability cover if you are unable to work in your usual occupation, i.e. the field you have chosen to work. Own Occupation cover is more expensive than ‘any occupation’ cover as the chances of claim approval is higher in this type. However, the occupation categories covered under ‘own occupation’ are limited. This mainly works if you have a specialist occupation like a surgeon. Also, this type of TPD insurance is only available outside superannuation from a general insurer.

‘Any Occupation’ – You can claim on your TPD insurance if you cannot work in any occupation you are suited to by the education, training or experience you have. For example, if you are working in a particular field and you then you become disabled as a result of an accident or illness; while you may not be able to perform the same position, but you can still work a desk job in that area of work, you would not be able to make a TPD claim under ‘any occupation’ cover. Any occupation cover is affordable but has a higher threshold to claim.

The most recommended way to get yourself covered is through your own occupation. It offers the highest opportunity to make a successful claim, and you can make a claim even if you can work in a different sector.

Now that you know about both types of total and permanent disability insurance cover, you will be able to make the best and most informed decision. However, another crucial part of buying total and permanent disability insurance is finding the right insurance provider.

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