How to choose what sampling program is right for your business?


Today, more and more brands are turning to product sampling marketing campaigns to generate user-generated content and boost awareness and conversions under the Product sampling program. Product sampling campaigns put your product right before your customers and let them try it out before buying under the Dry sampling method.

Sampling can inspire conversation about your products and brand among online and in-person shoppers regarding awareness under the Product sampling program. In a recent survey, 57% of online shoppers say they have purchased a product they heard about on social media. For conversion, sampling can generate ratings and reviews to drive sales on and offline.

  • A well-done sampling campaign can activate your brand and reach customers across your whole sales funnel by sparking social content and increasing ratings and reviews under the Product sampling program. It is important because about 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions.
  • It allows customers to quickly try a new product at no cost and drives content that influences other shoppers under the Product sampling program. It can help you quickly collect reviews for new products, build brand loyalty, drive traffic to your website, and create buzz among the marketplace. Some product sampling programs involve brands sending customers or social media influencers products for free for a review or social media post under the Dry sampling method.

While talking about product sampling, Samplrr is a performance-driven product sampling, customer engagement, and strategic alliance agency.


Samplrr helps brands with customized business strategies to create product awareness of new and existing products to have a broader reach within the target audience.

Why Samplrr is the best choice?

As a Product Sampling Agency, Sampler presents a unique mixture of technology, strategic centre group sampling, and experienced marketing professionals to connect to potential customers through estimated activations. We assist in launching new products in the market and collecting valuable customer feedback.

There are many different types of sampling programs you can take part in. It all depends on your product, your goals, and your customers.

Different types of the sampling program

Sample boxes

Sample boxes through platforms like Influenster let brands send individual products and curated product sample packages to a targeted set of customers, respectively. The goal of sending samples is to spark a trial and create a conversation about your product online under the Product sampling program.

These boxes are an excellent way for brands to get the word about their products. There are three types of sample box programs we recommend and offer to brands.

  • Co-op boxes
  • Custom boxes
  • Bazaarvoice sampling

In-person sampling

One of the best-known programs in the product sampling community is in-person, hand-to-hand sampling. When a brand representative physically hands a sample to a potential customer under the Dry sampling method. This method is standard at grocery stores or significant events, like conferences. In-person sampling is an excellent way to raise brand awareness.

Samples for sale

Beauty brands have started putting sets of samples for sale on their websites. Sometimes these sample sets come with a coupon to buy the full-size product at a discount. This sampling strategy is all about conversions. It allows customers to try out smaller, budget-friendly versions of new products before committing to the full-size under the Product sampling program.

Customer freebies

Sending freebies to existing customers is a great way to raise awareness about a new product your brand is launching under the Dry sampling method. It helps increase awareness about the launch but also gets you more conversions. With this sampling program, brands will enclose a sample of the new product in a customer’s existing order shipment. Once they use the product sample, customers will hopefully come back to your site and buy the full size if they love the product under the Product sampling program.

Which sampling program will you choose?

To determine which sampling program is right for you, consider your product and goals under the Product sampling program. Perishable products lend themselves to more person-to-person sampling, while items like chips, drinks, beauty products, and clothing can be shipped under the Dry sampling method. Also, think about the costs for each type of sampling campaign. The heavier your product, the more it will cost to ship.

  • You could consider having customers do an in-store pickup in this situation, but making the process more complicated for the customer to do an in-store pickup in his position under the Product sampling program.
  • If you choose to go the sample box route, know that the cost typically comes with a better, targeted list of customers under the Dry sampling method. A program like Influenster gives you access to customers who have already been vetted and are more likely to love your product.
  • Once you have picked your program, choose a suitable sampling provider. Working with multiple shipping and fulfilment providers gets complicated under the Dry sampling method.

Whether you are an existing brand launching a new line or a brand executing its first launch, sampling is a great way to generate reviews and social buzz around your products under the Product sampling program. The online rumour will help your products sell quicker and provide greater shopper confidence under the Dry sampling method regardless of your brand’s established.