A Few Reasons to Hire Any Corporate Secretary in Singapore

There are many reasons for the entrepreneurs to invest in corporate secretarial service so that they can help and also contribute to the success of the economy. Some of the reasons can be transparent procedures, stringent laws, and also pro-business climate existing in Singapore.

The Singapore government also encourages every entrepreneur in the country to implement very good corporate governance within their companies. Therefore, the role of any corporate secretary becomes very important. The corporate secretary will be responsible for making sure that the entire regulatory obligations of ACRA are properly implemented.

Therefore, to comply with various acts of Singapore, all companies must make sure that within the 6 months of starting their business they have a responsible person present in the company responsible for corporate secretarial activities. Morrison Management is one of the corporate solutions providers available in Singapore, who is specialized in providing the following services:

  • Accounting and Tax Advisory
  • Corporate Recovery
  • Corporate Secretarial
  • Management Consultancy
  • Government grant Advisory related services.

The person who will be responsible for these activities must essentially be a resident of Singapore having sufficient experience and knowledge about companies act. Therefore, any foreign firms may feel the heat while appointing a person with such responsibilities.

However, that does not mean that any Singaporean entrepreneurs will find that appointing such a person will be so easy and smooth. Secretarial services will be surely able to help even the Singapore-based entrepreneurs who are having their private limited companies.

If any firm in Singapore is still in a dilemma about whether they should hire any corporate secretarial services or not, then we are going to present a few good reasons here in this post that will certainly convince them to change their mind.

What is the basic role of any company secretary?

The basic purpose of having a secretary will be to do all kinds of administrative activities. The secretary will be responsible for ensuring that the organisation will abide by all the necessary regulatory obligations that are needed in Singapore in a very timely manner.

If any organization does not hire such a person then there can be several problems for the them to run their business. Therefore, it is advisable to appoint a responsible person for this role as per the Acts of Singapore Companies within 6 months of their starting of the firm.

As per the law, they cannot appoint a person for this role who is one of the directors or a shareholder. He must be an independent person and not the beneficiary of the firm.

This job is so important that they must consider hiring such a person who has got the required qualification. Appointing any wrong person can rather harm and create a certain negative impact on the business too if the person responsible for this position fails to regulate all the compliance that is needed to run any business in Singapore.

So, if you are interested to run a certain business in Singapore then you cannot afford to avoid legal consequences for not complying with all the regulations of the Singapore Company Act.

Therefore, as a business owner in Singapore, you just cannot afford to ignore the importance of this position and therefore must look for the best person who can play this important role.

The following are the few reasons why you must hire a secretary in your organization.

  1. You can remain free from regulations and focus only on your business

The secretary will ensure all the compliances are met and you can concentrate on your business.

  1. It is going to be cost-effective

You can get a trained person and hence no need to spend money to train a person to make him capable for the job.

  1. The secretary has got the necessary expertise

When you will outsource a secretary then you will get a capable person who is knowledgeable and experienced.

  1. Comprehensive service

All reputed service providers available in Singapore will provide you with a very comprehensive service and make you comfortable.

  1. Latest technology available

These people are well-equipped with the latest technologies and can do their job very accurately and well in time.

  1. Eliminate any risks

They will ensure that all the rules are properly followed by your company and there will be no risk for non-compliance.

  1. The company secretary will remain independent

They will not be influenced by any politics and will function independently and play their role.

  1. Ease and convenience

As they are quite experienced and knowledgeable so all the activities will fall in line very easily.

Therefore, you need to make effort to find a certain right person to do this corporate secretarial services who can be the right person for your company. Prefer to select such a person who is responsible as well as reasonable enough and charges the right fee and delivers the job as promised with promptness and efficiency.