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What principles do you follow in stock investing?

The Oxford dictionary defines ‘principles’ as ‘a belief accepted as a reason for acting or thinking in a particular way’.  For example, the principle of honesty can drive you to lead an honest and truthful life.  When it comes to investing, however, principles take on a more financial dimension. They...

The World’s Best Gold Refineries

Amidst the rise of gold prices in the last couple of years, the price has been above $1.500 for the longest time. Gold inched up 0.3% to trade near $1,800/oz. despite the extent of inflation and the weakening U.S dollar, the price of gold has remained comparatively stable. There are...

How To Understand And Use The Financial Statements

Running a business is a complicated job. It is not based on luck but dedicated knowledge, effort, and skills. It is a continuous process of adjusting to the trends, learning, and taking risks. A successful business roots from understanding how your company and the industry you’re in operate to develop...